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Kate Enters

I was drawn to works that had a social commentary or showed a representation, or snapshot, of today's society. From the simple pleasures, environments, or day to day notions we interact with and experience, to the larger conversations and scenarios that challenge and embody who we are as humans. Vibrancy, distinct messaging, and representation of 'life' became the focus. I wanted the works selected to offer a rich tapestry, that would in turn generate an emotive response for the viewer. A response that may reflect, or connect with, a part of their own life.

The connection of the viewer to an artist’s vision completes a creative circle and is one that can generate unique relationships and start conversations. The solidarity of a shared experience can also, I hope, be reassuring for both the artist and viewer in today’s rather turbulent and worrying world.

Kate Enters - October 2022.jpg

Kate Enters' Selection

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