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The Discerning Eye Collection was launched at the 2008 ING Discerning exhibition with the inauguration of an annual Founder’s Purchase Prize, in honour of Discerning Eye's founder Michael Reynolds. The first year’s Prize was selected by Michael's great friend, Brian Sewell. 


The intention of building the collection was both to provide a broader audience for the Discerning Eye artists whose works were selected for inclusion, and for it to be available to galleries to show.


There are now over 50 works in our Collection which has been on public show at The Temple Church in London (2015) then at other venues around the country, including Drawing Projects UK in Wiltshire and, more recently, at Guildford House in Surrey.


The Discerning Eye is keen to make its Collection available to show free of charge. If you are a public space that might like to show the Discerning Eye Collection, please contact us.

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