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David Ferry

‘If you want to have something that’s genuinely unstructured, you have to plan it carefully’


Malcom Bradbury; The History Man.



The ING Discerning Eye Exhibition is one of those shows you just hear about floating somewhere on the cultural ether; it is one of those big showcases that highlight an open opportunity for artists of all disciplines to exhibit in central London. 


Indeed it is a great privilege to be invited to be a Selector, although I had no idea at the time just what logistical details it entailed, and all those passionate individuals that are part of the ‘internal motor’ of the operation.


The artists who actually made it to the final selection will no doubt be excited and proud to be part of this important showcase but we must be mindful of the disappointment of those not selected this time around, but they will have opportunity in the future. 


The cacophony of the thousands of images that passed through our selectors gaze actually made me more mindful of Malcolm Bradbury’s salient words, I indeed had become ‘genuinely unstructured’ the astute planning of the ING Discerning Eye team kept the whole structure afloat and affords us the rich and diverse show we now have. 

Parker Harris face DF.jpg

David Ferry's Selection

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