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Alison Bevan

It was a real pleasure and privilege to select work for the ING Discerning Eye exhibition. The calibre of submissions was astonishingly high, and my initial shortlist was more than double the number of works I was actually allowed to choose. 


Getting to the final selection was incredibly painful - it was so hard to choose between such a wealth of great art!  In the end I chose work in the same way that I select artwork for my own home: does it light a personal spark, and would it reward spending time with?  I also considered how each fitted with my invited artists, who are a small cross-section of RWA Academicians and Artists' Network members, all of whose work I personally love. In the end, I hope my selection will feel both coherent and diverse, and that you, like me, will find new favourite artists amongst the mix. 


My heart particularly goes out to all those whose work didn't make it through the final cull.  Please know that your work was looked at, appreciated and considered by us all, and don't let it dent your confidence that you didn't get selected. And for those in my selection: thank you for giving me such joy! 

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