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Tony Humphreys

It is well documented that I first visited the Discerning Eye exhibition as a guest and then, more by chance than design, became CEO, responsible for guiding the charity and its annual event based on creator and founder Michael Reynolds’ original vision, exhibition format and guiding principles.


It has been a great pleasure helping to build The Discerning Eye’s success over the many years of my involvement and it is a privilege that my final contribution is now as a selector, following in the footsteps of the many generous and committed art lovers who have accepted the challenge in previous years. 


And it is a challenge, albeit a pleasant one. From deciding which artists to invite, to whether there will be a theme, style or medium guiding your choice of works from the open submission, it is a journey of joy and fear of disappointing others as you curate your own mini exhibition from the magnificent array of desirable works by so many talented artists.


However, you can only show a limited number of works; so difficult decisions must be made. My final selection is as eclectic as the exhibition itself. I couldn’t cover everything but have tried to reflect as wide a variety of works as possible.


I hope you enjoy it and more importantly find something you like.

Tony, painted by Johnny Jonas.jpg

Tony Humphreys' Selection

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