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Russell Tovey

I was so honoured to be asked to be a part of the selecting committee this year. I am a huge advocate for the arts and an avid art collector myself, so to be given an opportunity to select and curate from so many amazing varied works was so exciting. It's been a tough couple of years for us all and we need the arts now more than ever.


It is so important for us to see ourselves up on gallery walls and to understand our place in the world. I  am always drawn to the figure, the face and body language, I always have been and something that I  put down to being an actor. Expressions of the face and movements and shapes of the body fascinate me, so there is definitely this theme running through my selections.


I  grew up loving pop art and cartoons respectively so the invitation to trust my instincts to gravitate towards colour will very much be seen in my selections. I also love animals, I  am a massive dog lover and I am sure many people will find joy in the amount of dog images, in very many different mediums that will appear in my booth. There are many winners for all the prizes in my selections and I hope that they can be found within my curating, not that it is a competition, but it is.  


Either way, I  am so impressed and in awe of the work that have been submitted this year. There is so much talent, so many incredible storytellers who are using their hands to say the things that words simply cannot. Thank you to everyone who took the time to find inspiration from this, you have in turn very much inspired me.

DSC_5015retouchedhires JASON DIMMOCK.jpg

Russell Tovey's Selection

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