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Peter Brown, PNEAC

To be honest I was slightly dreading the selection. Ominously we were sent a box of delicious goodies to see us through. This was a worrying sign! We are usually supplied with weak coffee and a digestive. However I was immediately heartened by the very first entries… and it continued!


It occurred to me that it is in fact a great privilege to see the wide spectrum of art being produced inside and outside of studios around the country.


This is a real taste of contemporary art in the UK today. We are served establishment art by the BBC and fun competition art by Sky but this dug underneath all that.


Our attitude as selectors was ‘as long as it gets in that’s ok - no matter whose wall’. So I would be delighted to see groups of work I liked being hoovered up by the others for their walls. I am no curator, I just want to see good work aired.


So I would say enjoy the show – its variety and its quality and remind ourselves that the art we normally get served up is a tiny tip of the iceberg. We must endeavour to support both emerging talent and offer those that would not perhaps consider art an option in their lives the chance to have a go. My only regret is that we could not have three times as much on our walls.

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Peter Brown PNEAC's Selection

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