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Roland Cowan

Selecting works has been uplifting experience. It has been a journey through British creativity. The works have ranged from the figurative to the abstract. All the works submitted carried the same message: That we live in a hugely creative country. Undiminished by a global pandemic, the visual arts are alive and well in the UK. The sheer quantity of creativity was enthusing.

I would like to hope that the art selected will act as inspiration; and be a reference for appreciating, thinking, and discussing, the art of the present.

In selecting art it is almost always inevitable that my personal aesthetic effects my appreciation of works. For this exhibition I worked hard to focus on what came out as strong works, regardless of subject matter. Though my predilection towards a deep enjoyment of abstraction does come through in some choices.

I hope visitors will be able to enjoy, be challenged, stimulated, and be involved in the visual discussion between the art and the viewer.

Looking at art being made now in 2021 in the UK it is clear that painting and drawing is very much alive, well, and thriving. This is evident from the Discerning Eye to the current Hayward Gallery, to the Royal Academy, and numerous gallery exhibitions. (please leave this last bit out of the book)


Roland Cowan's Selection

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