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Aindrea Emelife

The selected works for the 2022 iteration of the ING Discerning Eye Prize act as an expansive visual showcase that speaks to the rich variety of the work of artists from across the UK. Spanning from painting to sculpture, covering abstraction to figuration, and telling an array of visual stories, the shortlisted artists give even more of a reason for celebrating the up-and-coming talent in this country. 


With references to self, heritage, culture, media, nature, and monarchy, there's an emphasis on the British influence throughout the shortlist, whether artists hail from the UK or find themselves here, it's clear that their tie to Britain and its culture is present in what they're creating. We can immerse ourselves in these varying portrayals of our country, and take it upon ourselves to uncover each artist's personal connection to it. 


As an audience, this collection of work should leave us with a sense of excitement in discovering what will continue to come from this next generation of artists, to see how they will continue to add to the already rich legacy of British arts.

Aindrea Emelife.jpg
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