The 2015 Discerning Eye Exhibition will open to the public on Thursday 12 November and run until Sunday 22 November at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London SW1 ... read more ...
is now OPEN for applicants. Up to 5 artists will be short listed and a selection of their work will be shown at this year's exhibition. The winner will receive £1500 and each of the runners-up £150. Applications must be made online at where you will find full information and entry forms.
The art critic Brian Sewell has died aged 84. He was a key figure in the founding of The Discerning Eye and was the only person who was a selector more than once (1990, 1997 and 2011). He was interviewed by us in 2010 and said “I was here right at the beginning of it ... and I'm sentimentally deeply attached to it because Michael Reynolds, whose inspired idea it was, was an old friend”. He will be greatly missed.
if you have submitted works for the EXHIBITION this year .....
If your work has been selected and you haven't yet made a digital image of your work available to us then please do so now by sending the image to the exhibition organisers, Parker Harris (see below). Failure to do so may delay the inclusion of your work in the online gallery and the quality of images we take cannot be guaranteed, especially if the work is mounted behind glass.
All enquiries of any kind about the exhibition should be directed to the organisers - Parker Harris, PO Box 279, Esher, Surrey KT10 8YZ, 01372 462190, or e-mail using the form at their web site
The selectors for the 2015 exhibition are: Nicole Farhi CBE - the French fashion designer now turned sculptor; Emma Bridgewater - founder of the eponymous pottery; Stephen Snoddy - director of The New Art Gallery, Walsall; Steve Pill - editor of Artists & Illustrators Magazine; Stephen Doherty - Director of Visitor Communications at Somerset House, London; and Larry Lamb - the well-known TV actor.
please choose me ...
please choose me ...
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... that one
The Discerning Eye now has its own collection of works and its inaugural exhibition was held at the Temple Church, in London. Our DE Collection page has further information regarding the Collection and the exhibition which ran from January to early April 2015.
′Fishing season′ by David Brayne (2014 - pigment and watercolour)
'Fishing season' by David Brayne (2014 - pigment and watercolour)
′At the glass′ by Mark Elsmore (2014 - oil on canvass)
'At the glass' by Mark Elsmore (2014 - oil on canvass)
′Make no sound′ by Jo Fox (2014 - paper, ink, pastel)
'Make no sound' by Jo Fox (2014 - paper, ink, pastel)
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