The Discerning Eye now has its own collection of works and our inaugural exhibition is NOW OPEN in one of Britain’s most historic and beautiful buildings. read on ...
The artists with works in the collection are
Liz Bailey   Nicola Bealing   Nick Botting   David Braine   David Caldwell   Niamh Collins   Bill Dean   Mark Entwisle   Michael Ewart   Brenda Fenton   Samuel Fenton RI   Roxana Halls   John Hewitt   Felicity House   Albert Irvin   Peter Kelly NEAC, RBA   Piotr Kirkilo   Catherine Knight   Peter Lennertz   Kathy Little   Allan MacDonald   Danny Markey   Dean Marsh   Kim Matheson   Andrew McNeile Jones   Harriet Mead   Paul Newland   Gemma Petrie   Anastasia Pollard RP   Ray Richardson   Chris Rigby   Lesley Slight   Richard Teasdale   Nick Tidnam   Stella Vine   Robbie Wraith RP   Anya Yeatman
full list of works ...
The Discerning Eye Exhibition has now closed its doors for another year. If you weren't able to visit us however then you can still view all the works here online and you can browse previous exhibitions in our online archive.
In 2014 the total of 657 works on show was a higher number than at any previous Discerning Eye exhibition.
Commercial Banking
once again sponsored the exhibition and we are grateful for their continuing support.
ING UK CEO Gerald Walker on the exhibition

2014 drawing bursary

The 2014 Drawing Bursary has been awarded to André Wallace and all the finalists had their work on display at the DE exhibition. more ...

online galleries

All of our past exhibitions are archived here. Since 2008, the archive has included images of all works. It is indexed by both artist and selector and there is a full site index available too.
′Fiesta Jerez′ by Hilary Dunne (2014 prizewinner)
'Fiesta Jerez' by Hilary Dunne (2014 prizewinner)
′Rush hour′ by Dee Stanford(2014 ING Purchase Prize)
'Rush hour' by Dee Stanford
(2014 ING Purchase Prize)
′Another world′ by Kit Boyd (2014)
'Another world' by Kit Boyd (2014)
′Sunrise in Snowdonia′ by Leigh Glover (2014)
'Sunrise in Snowdonia' by Leigh Glover (2014)
′The Minotaur′ by Jill Desborough(2014 prizewinner)
'The Minotaur' by Jill Desborough
(2014 prizewinner)
′Kneeling nude′ by Bill Brandson (2014)
'Kneeling nude' by Bill Brandson (2014)
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